The Sloppy Money Order Scam

Posted: February 27, 2009 in Fraud, Globalization, Trends
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Fake Money Orders
So many scams, so little thought.

Within the past five years counterfeit check schemes have exploded across the Internet as scam artists have shifted from fake mail lotteries to online fraud. In the past year alone, the United States Postal Inspection Service seized over 600,000 fake checks worth more than a fake $2.5 billion combined. Yet, according to USPIS estimates, the overall number of counterfeit checks sent to potential victims in 2008 is likely four or five times that.

In late December I placed an ad on craigslist to sell a piece of audio equipment. I posted the ad from Queens with a selling price of $600 and a clear message at the bottom that I would not ship and that the buyer must come to pick up the device in person.

Within two days I received five responses from potential “buyers” offering to send me money orders in exchange for the device. I knew they were all scams involving counterfeit checks (likely from Nigeria, the world capital of fake check schemes.) But I wanted to see for myself how these scams were supposed to play out. So I decided to pursue one.

The most detailed response to my ad came from So that was my bait. Wait, I mean catch… I was the bait.

The responder, who went by Michael Sean, told me he was out of the country on business, but that he would send me a money order through express mail and have his assistant pick up the device after I securely deposited the cash.

Ok, I thought, let’s see what comes of the bullshit. I had already sold the device.

Soon after I agreed to take my ad off craigslist and hold the item for him, I received another email explaining that his assistant had mistakenly mailed payment for more than the requested $600. Michael courteously apologized for the inconvenience and asked if I would be so kind as to wire the difference to his father, Gabriel Sean, in London through Western Union. In exchange for my troubles, I could take an extra $40.

I replied with a few unassuming questions:

How much more had his assistant sent and how much would he be expecting me to wire back?

Could I just give the remainder to his assistant when he or she came to pick up the device?

How could I get in touch with his assistant to arrange a pickup time?

No response.

Two days later I received another email from Michael letting me know the money order was safely on its way and would arrive the following week. “Sorry again for the inconvenience,” he wrote, “I appreciate that I can trust you with my request.” Screw this, I thought, it’s more work than it’s worth. I replied by telling Michael I was well aware he was trying to scam me and that I was completely unimpressed with his lack of consistency.

No response.

Then about three weeks later, on February 3rd, I received a brown wax-paper envelope heavily postmarked from the Republic of Benin in West Africa, right next to Nigeria.

Inside were four international money orders, each for $950. The money orders were dated January 13th — more than a week after I had sent my last email — and carried the remitter name Jerry D. Holbrook, the Chief Financial Officer of Fox Chase Bancorp in Hatboro, PA. That wasn’t hard to find on Google. Nor was the fact that Mr. Holbrook’s name has been used several times in previous fake check scams.

Nonetheless, my “buyer” still thought he could pull one over on me. I suddenly became agitated. After I had blatantly told him I was privy to his scam, he expected me to go out and cash the money orders, wire more than $3,000 to an unknown party, and owe my bank the full amount after the checks bounced!

Was he dumb? Or did he think I was dumb?

I had to take it just a little further at this point. I emailed Michael to let him know I had received his payment and that I was heading over to my bank. A few hours later he replied:

“I am happy you have gotten payment. Like I said in my previous email, go ahead and get them cashed at your bank, deduct your payment and send the balance via Western Union to my dad on the following details:





Send me the transfer details after doing that. i.e. MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). Western Union will give you that after doing the transfer, and the total amount sent after deducting the charges. I need to send it to my assistant to take care of some pressing bills and to help me arrange for a pick-up by FedEx.

I will wait to hear from you as soon as possible. I AM SORRY FOR THE DELAY. YOU CAN TAKE $50 FOR THE STRESS YOU WILL GO THROUGH.



Over the next week I called the USPIS.

“The most prevalent scams have always been fake foreign lotteries,” said Allan Weissmann, a U.S. Postal Inspector. “What they’ve started doing in the past few years is adding a fake check or money order to the scheme as an extra twist, which has lead to all kinds of money order scams over the Internet.“

That begs the question, how many of these scam artists are actually artists? The Internet allows for plenty of fraud, but it also allows for plenty of carelessness. Online scams are about as abundant as online pornography and myspace music pages, and often just as sloppily produced.

“What throws unsuspecting people off is that by law their banks have to make the money available within a few days,” said Mr. Weissmann. “But that doesn’t mean the check has cleared.”

Obviously, I never cashed the bogus money orders, but that didn’t stop Michael Sean from sending me more emails to see when I would wire his payment back.


—Damian Ghigliotty

  1. drfrenchfry says:

    what is bizarre is that a ridiculous amount of people actually get away with it… i don’t understand how people fall for these things. interesting article! dr.f.f.

  2. Mike says:

    Just passing by. Great content!

  3. Brick Chalks says:

    sounds like a pretty good experiment all together. if you’re still trying to sell that mpc hit up poops, i don’t think pittsburgh is that close to nigeria.

  4. Monica says:

    I was selling a stroller on craigslist… I got an email from Michael Sean too (but it was The first email was asking if the “above item” was still for sale. (Why wouldnt a real buyer say “stroller”) I responded “yes it is.”
    The second email he wrote:
    I have instructed my assistant to send out your payment as soon you provide your full name,phone number and address. I can only pay via money order as am on business trip now,the money order is going to clear from your bank before the pick up. Please let me know where to send your payment to because i would’nt want to lose it to someone else. I dont mind adding fifty dollars so you can keep it in my favor. As for the pick-up, I already have an arrangement for that.Hope is in good condition?

    I obviously did not send any info. to him… but I did respond that I accept cash only, and I only make transactions at our local Police Dept. parking lot (which is true). I also stated that my husband or I could set up a time with him when he gets back, or his assisstant to look at the stroller…. have not heard back yet.

    • Kayla says:

      Monica, that is crazy! WORD FOR WORD ! I got the same exact email, he then sent me the money orders and they were for 925 each! it was a 150 dollar book, like is this guy for real lol

    • Phil says:

      Got the EXACT same thing, word for word, from someone named “Ben.” Thanks for the heads up on this scam. It seemed fishy at first, but really…couldn’t they do better than a form letter?

      • L.W. says:

        Got the same e-mail today for a Craigslist posting. I thought it odd that he didn’t name what “it” was (the item). And hey, he only offered me $20 extra. Cheapskate. The e-mail was from John Morris,

  5. Leanna says:

    i was selling a dress online on craigslist and got an email back selling for 400 i received a fake money order for 3000 dollars from a guy by the name of matt james and on the CIBC money order the name was Irina Parnkratov total scam what a loser!!!!

  6. Kayla says:

    Yeah I had the exact thing word for word with this guy and it was the stupidest thing! He sent me 1,850 dollars for a 150 dollar book. He sent me a money order and said that he sent more because his assistant messed up on the money order and then he goes, well can you send the rest back via western union and of course i said sure until i got the money orders and the heat sensitive circle didn’t disappear, plus the money order itself was printed crooked, and i love how he wanted me to send the money to london and the mail envelope says missouri and the money order says new york. Like is this guy for real? Get a job, grow up and stop trying to hurt people finanically in this economical hard ship. So i emailed him today stating that hes basically a loser and needs to grow up and that he won’t be recieving the money and that the authorities have been contacted with all the details i had possible to me. Some people are just messed up..

  7. Val says:

    Thanks so much for this site. I thought the whole situation was a little odd. I was able to save my employees from making a huge mistake. Thanks again.

  8. Alexandria says:

    I was just in a very similar situation. I was not selling anything, but in fact, I was promoting my cleaning service on Craigslist and boy was I surprised!! I said straight up that I charge 25.00 an hour, and that it usually rounded out to about 50-100 dollars! I am a fast cleaner so I didnt expect much money from hours…but then i got an email from a “Kelly Jones” saying that him and his pregnant wife would be moving to my city in two weeks and that they would pay me 700.00 a week to clean their house from mon-fri…now granted that is 500.00 (which I only accept cash payment, or paypal) but the problem was that I would be in school the majority of the time so I would not be able to take the position. I emailed “Mr. Kelly Jones” such. But then I offered to help them out the first week (by this point I wasnt sure if it was a scam, but I HIGHLY suspected it. The thing is that I usually work on the main line, where people do have money, but they usually dont offer THAT much! especially because the average college age part timer does not make that much money.) So anyway, Kelly Jones replied, completely ignoring the fact that I would not be working for them past one week, that he would send me a check as a payment in advance for helping him and his wife clean their home. By this time I knew. As I continued to read the email, he started mentioning the tell tale signs (hes from the UK, he’ll get his business partner in the US, to send me the check blah blah blah…you know the deal.) Then he mentioned he needed furniture for his new house, so he would send me the money for my payment in advance, and the rest of the check was to be sent to a furniture company for the furniture. LMAO!

    I feel insulted that scammers think Americans are so greedy and stupid that they will fall for that dumb ass scam. I mean come on…

    • Alexandria says:

      And I forgot to mention that he was intending to send me a check for 2950.00…and to take 750.00 (50.00 extra as courtesy…I WISH someone WOULD give me 50.00 as courtesy money! If its cash hell yea Ill take it…but since that will never happen lets get back to reality…)

  9. Laura says:

    I also was contacted about wiring money to London from NC I received two 950 money orders was told to take 10 percent from both. they came express mail from UPS senders name Hewlitt Packard. WOW This was supposed to be a bookkeeping position that I somehow got trapped into by innocently applying to jobs online at careerbuilder. The company is E-sources Trading Company claiming they cannot process all payments and needs someone to help with the “book keeping”. Anyway the guys name is K Rockwood, but the money was to be sent to someone in London but put the sender as someone in Cali. Here is the email:
    Dear Representative,
    How are you doing today there include the weather over there and how is your night including your family hope

    every one is doing good and fine’ you will received the first payment from my clients today,through UPS courier service.

    CASHING INSTRUCTIONS: On this money order there 2 sides THE FIRST SIDE which is the right hand side that has “FROM” while THE SECOND SIDE

    which is the left hand side has “PAY TO”. On the portion that has FROM you are required to write the details of the sender, here is the

    sender’s details. NAME: Terry Bills ADDRESS: 37 Edenbrook Irvine CA 92620

    On the “PAY TO” portion you are required to put your name and address as you are the recipient of the funds. You’ll find this on each and

    every of the Money Orders, so you are required to put the senders details and yours on each and every one of them as described above.

    Afterwards take them to your bank to cash them and be advised that Money orders are not deposited checks, they are to be cashed

    immediately, deduct 10% from the funds and wire/send according to the wire/sending instruction below. Note that you are to deduct the wire charges from the 90% of the funds that you’ll be sending out and notfrom your 10%.

    As soon as you have deducted your own 10% from the payment, you are advised to proceed with effect to the nearest western union office to

    make the payment payable to the name of our Raw Materials supplier’s in Uk

    So therefore make payment to the bellow Supplier’s information:

    Names: Mrs James Morgan
    Address 129,Rockhall Rd,Cricklewood London,NW2 6DT,

    Please make sure you get the money sent as soon as you cash it, please provide us with western union details for the receiver,You will send

    it through western union money transfer (MONEY AVAILABLE IN MINUTES)and make sure the transfer is successfully done.

    Confirmation receipt of this email is REQUIRED , I will be looking forward to get the transfer details from you ASAP immediately you get

    the money transfer.

    sender full name:
    sender address :
    Total amount sent:
    MTCN number :

    For your information, now that we have commenced business you should always expect another payment in at least 5days from time of receipt

    of any of our payments.

    Thanks for your honesty & assistance stay bless. Awaiting for your response.
    K Rockwood

    WHo do they think we are, complete idiots??? Yeah 1900 would be nice especially right now when money is reallll tight, but please…think I willgo burn them now, no wait…think I ‘llturn them over to the police or USPS. :))) and to top it all off as others have posted here…they can’t SPELLLLLL

  10. andy k says:

    Here is the email for “Michael Sean” word for word copy paste
    I have instructed my assistant to send out your payment as soon you provide your full name,phone number and address. I can only pay via money order as am on business trip now,the money order is going to clear from your bank before the pick up. Please let me know where to send your payment to because i would’nt want to lose it to someone else. I dont mind adding fifty dollars so you can keep it in my favor. As for the pick-up, I already have an arrangement for that.Hope is in good condition?

    Michael Sean” you wuld think by now he would figure out something else but there are some dumb@$$ people who choose to ignore the fact scams happen none stop and when you get emails at 2:39 a.m. they don’t have real money too pay for it

    • shanj says:

      here is the most recent email I got from this scammer. I started to question the person after he replyed to my resume posting on craigslist. I questioned him asking how can you just trust me like this and what exactly would I be doing he failed to reply but he or she waited a week then replied with the email below …. the money orders came via usps and they where usps money orders but there was no return address on them just my information and the money order was signed mary i really knew something then. i’m sad for these folks who have lost money times are hard and people are still finding sneaky ways to scam the system and folks. I also should have known something when they started asking me to send money somewhere else…wtf………..anways good luck folks..they didnt get me!

      Good day

      I am writing to inform you that the payment would be delivered to this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning which the amount on each Money order is $925.17cent and you are receiving 3pieces VIA USPS AND After you receive and cash the payment at your bank ,deduct your monthly task salary (which is) $600.00 for the first month while you are to take the rest of the cash to WESTERN UNION and have it sent to my furniture company below is the name and address you would send the funds to :

      Address: 149 Granger St Apt 4,
      Rutland, VT, 05701

      After the transfer get back to me with all the transfer details from Western Union,the details needed would be the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN Usually 10 Digits) Including the total amount sent after deducting transfer charges,Note that the transfer charges should be deducted from the money you are sending and not from your money.The funds are needed urgently so get this done and get back to me as soon as possible.

      N/B…. Here is the new email that you will be replying me to because i do have a little problem with my Gmail so thats why i set up a new email on yahoo to keep you inform

      Thank you

      Phillip Fung

  11. Angie says:

    OMG -I sooo hope they catch this guy!! He sent me three money orders for $935 each with no return address on the envelope (who sends money orders through the mail with no return address??)? What a loser!!

    By the way, I e-mailed him asking why he didn’t just cancel/stop payment on the money orders instead of asking me to send him back the excess money.

    His response:
    “I have misplace the receipt of the money order,pls go ahead and cash the 3 money order tomorrow deduct your payment and send the remaining to the details i provide you with so that i can use part of the money to pay shipper that will do the pick up.You can also deduct additional $50 for the stress you will go through during the process.”

  12. Angie says:

    By the way, the e-mails he sent me were WORD-FOR-WORD the same ones you placed in your post. WOW!! And he’s using (guess he just changes the number he puts after divinestoress when creating new e-mail addresses.

  13. Karin says:

    Yes, I just had this same exact scam happen to me for $4500 BUT my bank caught the money order before it went to far.

    I just had a $4500.00 fraud money order sent to me for my selling of my trailer I had put on Craig list (thank god it was caught before I gave up my trailer..)
    It has been an interesting transaction that started July 7/09 very simlar to the first CIBC money order scam listed above. I only received the money order Aug 18/09!

    The scammers will even pay you $1000 more than they agreed to purchase your items for and expect you to wire the money to their shipper immediately when you cash the fraud money order that will bounce usually 1-3 days after you deposit it in your bank. The intention is you send this money to the shipper via western union money transfer and then they will pick up the item they bought at a later date from you.

    These scammers are stupid to…I had a gut feeling this was to good to be true but kept on with the conversing process because I had an old trailer and nothing much to loose. I wasn’t going to give up anything without the cash in my hand first anyway.

    But when I went to the bank I left a copy of the money order with the teller at our local CIBC bank and she decided to check with the cibc where it was issued before I cashed it. I was ok with that. The next day the local Cibc called me to tell me it was fraud and that CIBC Toronto had 300 cheques with this same scammer!

    The emails were inconsistent supposedly from a Jim Morgan who lived in the UK.
    But the East Indian accented fellows who called were inconsistent ( 2 different voices but both said they were the same person???) They were very worried I hadn’t deposited the money to the shipper yet.???
    The name on the money order was never mentioned in any of our emails?? Who was he?

    The name of the carrier (shipper) had a hotmail address??? Yeah right….it was and no shipping company uses email account that are insecure…. The reference I was to use for the item sold was not a number but simply “Komfort Trailer Sale”…..yeah right…I am a businesswoman and all or most business’ have a recording system usually consisting of numbers/letters to track items/bills etc..

    Most of the emails that I received had spelling mistakes then out of the blue all of a sudden in a new email the fellow could spell everything right??…..

    One email he asked how my daughter was doing??? What daughter??Where did that come from??

    These stupid scammers even called me and talked to me 4 times (I put on the stupid act each time, something was just not right).Two times different people called me saying they were the same person!! (they tried 6x at least all on my cell) on the morning I received the money order, one called to see why I hadn’t cashed it yet 2x, I told the first fellow that called that the cheque was a fraud and he hung up…the another man called later (who had called the day before) asking if I have cashed the cheque yet and asked why I haven’t wired the shipper the money yet and I told him there was a problem at the bank with the cheque and he said…do you still have the cheque?? I said yes (I still did but was just on the way to the police)…he said he would phone me back after he tracked down why there was a problem with the cheque, and he would sort it out… Of course he hasn’t and now the cheque is with the police :)

    I went to the Police and reported it and it is now in the hands of Telephone Bashers now (or something like that) and the London UK Police I was also told by the local police that they have no jurisdiction over this scam in Canada at all as it is initiated in London England, they only can be tracked and caught by London Police even though they used CIBC money orders for the scam in Canada.

    Word of warning….if it looks to good to be true it usually IS’nt!!
    I still have my trailer so I am ok, Want to buy at 1989 Komfort Trailer???

    Sorry to hear about anyone else who actually did get burned. :(

    I am WISER now :)

  14. Tit for Tat says:

    My contribution: I played along with the person and they sent me a UPS envelope with the money order. I even tracked the package, but never picked it up. Then, I told the scammer the item was stolen and I was not going to bother picking up the money order. I don’t know how much it costs to send an envelope via UPS from Africa to North America….do you think we could “break” them? I didn’t bother with the police because as the above poster noted – it’s really out of their jurisdiction – Africa? There is no real way to stop these folks…just educating ourselves and each other. These guys are not hard to spot – I don’t take any of it personally…they’re just out to make a buck. Like children who throw tantrums in supermarkets – perhaps they are not entirely sure it will work all of the time, but they are pretty sure it will work sometimes. The scam ‘artists’ know people are greedy. The kids know their parents have a melting point.

    • L.W. says:

      I posted above about my own experience. I like the idea of “breaking” them by playing along until they send the UPS envelopes, but I don’t want to give them my information.

  15. Carol says:

    I was recently scammed on a Craigslist transaction by an individual claiming to be Beatrice Carroll – email is . This individual had phony PayPal emails sent to me… the whole nine yards. Very interesting that several weeks after I made the realization and resigned myself to the fact that I got screwed, I get ANOTHER email from this person stating the following:

    “Hello, I am sorry,i just got an email from paypal notifying me that payment to your account could not be established,i am really sorry about this,but i have decided to send in a cheque to you,i will really compensate for the inconveniences that i have caused you,please respond with your full name and address and you mobile phone number so that i can let you know once the cheque has been sent out..looking to read from you soon…”

    I feel so stupid for falling for this… I’m obviously not going to respond to this most recent email. Especially after reading this thread.

    Do we victims of these scams have any recourse? Is there anyone to whom we can report this? I feel so angry and helpless. I can at least learn from this experience. Overall, it just makes me sad that there are individuals in this world who get off on taking advantage of people.

  16. Carol says:

    Following up from my last post… Email is It didn’t copy and paste right… I hope that by sharing this info, someone else will avoid getting scammed, too.

  17. Saga says:

    Update: It is now September 23rd and I suspect I may have heard the last of the guy who was going to buy my ‘item’ and sent me a check for more than double what it was worth. This whole episode started some time in August. Relentless is a word that springs to mind.

    I knew immediately that it was a scam but decided to play along and consume a little of their time and money – give them a tiny inkling of the frustrations many have endured by scam ‘artists’. Their English wasn’t that fab so it was much more work for them to write to me than it was for me to write to them.

    If they phoned – and they did phone a lot….I said I could not hear very well and please e-mail. If I saw unknown number on the call display I did not bother to pick up.

    These days we just have to be super aware and super vigilant. Even when my bank calls asking for an update on my mailing address – I just thank them for calling and let them know I will not give any information to a person who calls me. The convenience of technology and the rapid way that we now carry on with life is part of the problem. I just go to my bank card and call the 1-800 number the bank provides on it…and then carry through with whatever needs doing.

    These snakes constantly change their names and e-mail addresses. The only way to catch them is for an undercover officer to be standing by for the pick-up of cash at the Western Union office. Then you would probably be catching a runner – not the organizer. It’s unlikely that most police forces would be bothered with this…they’re up to their ears in enormous Ponzi schemes – this kind of stuff is chump change.

    People who do get taken advantage of please don’t waste any time on feeling negative – about yourself, or others. That’s just giving scam snakes another piece of your life. Get over it and get on with it.

  18. Disgusted, frustrated and pissed says:

    Ditto to all the previous commments. I knew this was a scam! All the red flags were there. The police told me to bring the checks to the bank, it was out of their jurisdiction! The stupid bank screwed things up big time!. The branch manager said give me a few days to check these out. Well she deposited the checks in my account to figure this out!!!! Three days later my account has a big balance. I call the bank and another teller tells me they cleared, no problems! What the bank DID NOT tell me is there was a second clearing date. I was shocked they cleared so I thought ok these are legit let me send this jerk his over payment back so he’ll come and pick up the merchandise! BIG MISTAKE…three days later they came back and the bank held me responsible….I should have gone to a check cashing place!!! I made mistakes too, but trusted the bank!! Post office would not take report for mail fraud because I solicited the sale on Craigs List, giving them my address. Police wouldn’t take report, Craigs list didn’t even respond, bank was worthless since she should have spotted them as fake without depositing them. I now learned a few banking rules and will never sell without cash and personal pick up!! Hey, what do they say? “Live and Learn”

  19. Disgusted, frustrated and pissed says:

    Now that we all know how wide spread and common this scam is, WHY didn’t I know about it till after it happened? One post card from the post office, one flashing red warning on Craigs List, one poster hanging in a bank would have alerted me. Soooo pissed off!!!!!

  20. Saga says:

    Personally, I think that the banks have to take responsibility for this. If there is some sort of law that encourages banks to show checks ‘cleared’ before they really are – it needs to be changed. We don’t run the banks and most people do believe that when funds show as in the account they really have been cleared. The bank should have to eat that loss. If the banks were taking the loss you can be sure that no check would “clear” until the funds were actually transferred! If you have a bank book/receipt that shows that money cleared – do you have a ‘case’? There is something very fishy about banks putting the burden on you for their own lack of diligence.

  21. Disgusted, frustrated and pissed says:

    Who reads the banks websites small print? Here is the banks statement on this scam. This came right from the banks websight. “Fake Check Scams Target Sellers”
    Sellers can be victims of fraud when buyers send fake checks or money orders that are detected by the bank only after the seller has shipped the goods. A buyer might offer to use a cashier’s check, personal check, or corporate check to pay for the item you’re selling. Sometimes, the buyer sends a fake check or money order that exceeds the cost of the item that has been purchased. The so-called buyer (or the buyer’s “agent”) states that he made a mistake, or comes up with another reason for writing the check for more than the purchase price. In either case, the buyer asks you to wire back the difference after you deposit the check. You deposit the check, learn that it has cleared, and wire the funds back to the “buyers.” Later, the bank determines that the check is fraudulent, leaving you liable for the entire amount. The checks were counterfeit, but good enough to fool unsuspecting bank tellers.

  22. Angela says:

    Today, October 13, 2009 – We received 3 CIBC money orders with Jerry D Holbrook’s name on each one in the amount of $950.00 each. Money Order/check #’s 222 6516, 6517, 6518 that looks exactly like the picture above. Obviously, we thought someone made a mistake since we do business on Craiglist and Ebay so my wife looked up the name and found all the fraud information regarding these checks/money orders. We have been victims of fraud from a canadian person selling on ebay in the past, a Nigeria scam for almost $5000.00 which was caught in time. So will not cash a check/money order without any backup information that we know what the transaction is in reference to. But be aware…..our envelope had a return address with the name David Smith, 76 4th St. Glens Falls, NY 12801 as I see some people received no return address. Of course there is no David Smith listed but I thought I would bring that piece of information to everyone’s attention. I will be going to my bank so that they can destroy these fraudelent checks and yes, it is really unfortunate that there are people out there who would try to take advantage of good, innocent people. Be careful out there, we are open to all kinds of theft ! Unfortunately, they aren’t as nice as we are.

    • Angela says:


  23. John Stone says:

    I wish I knew about this before. When I lost my job this summer I received a job offer to pick up someone from The airport. This man was to be on a business trip. This man said he would send me my first check and I would just deduct my first payment and send him the rest. So desparately I deposited the check and sent him the balance. I never suspected anything. I was unemployed and needed to pay my mortgage. Then my bank notified me that I had deposited a fake check and I was stuck with a negative balance of $8000. I lost my house, filed for bankruptcy, and got fooled by some scam. I just hope no one has to go through so much lost as my family has. Please don’t trust these heartless souls.

  24. John Stone says:

    Yes I do feel like an idiot, but it’s not funny my family has really suffured from this incident. I just want to warn others not to do the same mistake. And please show some respect Mr Wallace. God Bless

  25. Tina Killgrove says:

    Yep, happened to me too. I knew it was a scam, but just waited for the money order to arrive. My item was only 300.00 and they sent me two money orders identical to those pictured above for 950.00 each. I brought them to the post office and my bank and I am trying the Sheriffs office next to see about reporting this. WHat a bunch of losers. You can tell by the way they “talk” in the emails they do not speak very good English.

  26. Disgusted, frustrated and pissed says:

    Robert Wallace you are heartless!!! Someday you will be fooled at least one time in your life and I will sit back and laugh!!!

  27. Disgusted, frustrated and pissed says:

    Tina Killgrove please post if you had any success in “reporting” this to any authority. I didn’t. Craigs List didn’t even respond. They are the ones that should flash a red warning across the screen since it happens mostly on this site. Good Luck!

  28. Anne Serody says:

    Same thing here – I put a kitchen table on Craigs List and got an instant reply. Very happy to sell so quickly, I was disheartened when I got the “assistant has sent too much money, please Western Union the rest back to me”. What a complete moron. Who falls for this crap? Anyway, after 1 week and me forgetting completely about it, an envelope came today – no return address – 3 $950 fake money orders inside – from Norfolk, NE – nothing to indicate what it is even for (though I knew it was my scammer). The paper is so cheap I don’t know how anyone could even bother to take them to the bank. My table is still listed and I’ll save the envelope and it’s contents as a memento of what could have been. The guy called himself Jeff Carl and his email is

  29. Joey says:

    I have instructed my assistant to send out your payment as soon you provide your full name,phone number and address, I can only pay via money order as am on business trip now,the money order is going to clear from your bank before the pick up. Please let me know where to send your payment to because i wouldn’t want to lose it to someone else. I don’t mind adding Thirty dollars so you can keep it in my favor. As for the pick-up, I already have an arrangement for that.Hope is in good condition?

    My response to him: “I’m not an idiot. Go fuck yourself.”

  30. Josh says:

    To find the IP address of these scammers and potentially have some action taken either against them or at least to flag them as scammers check out this site:

    It explains how to get the ip out of the email header. Unfortunately it often leads back to an untraceable address in Nigeria but who knows they may not all be that lucky.

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  32. Holly says:

    haha, thats funny i just read this. the same guy ” michael sean” did the same thing to me recently. is there a way to catch these losers?

  33. Andi West says:

    I am missing something here… Every poster here has made the claim that Craigslist failed to adequately inform them of the fact that the world is a DANGEROUS place. I have been using Craigslist for over 4 years. Every email I have ever received from every one of 100’s of ads I have ran there, had this statement as its opening paragraph;

    ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
    ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
    ** More Info:

    Not only that, but in order to even post an ad on Craigslist, a potential seller must navigate through 2-3 pages of posting options, all of which are headed by this statement or similar, in a font of at least twice the size and weight of the regular page text;


    1. Most cashier’s check or money orders offered to craigslist sellers are COUNTERFEIT — cashing them can lead to financial ruin
    2. Requests that you wire money abroad via Western Union or moneygram for any reason are SCAMS
    3. Learn more on our scams page — avoid scammers by dealing locally with buyers you can meet in person! ”

    Admittedly, the text does not blink, flash or come with an air raid siren. I, for one, am glad it doesn’t. Those things would be annoying… They would be even more annoying than the mandatory checking of the “I have read the terms of service…” check box. You know, that box that asks you to give your Word that you have completed a certain task and agree with craigslists position and opinions regarding the assumption of responsibility and liability for interactions through and due to any individual’s decision to post there.

    So. Not only did the “Fraud Victims”, posting in this thread, fail to do anything to protect themselves or prepare themselves in any way, from the big bad world, they also have absolutely no qualms breaking their word for nothing more than their own lazyness and needless haste.

    I, honestly, believe that the Nigerian Scam artists are not the villians here. They are hardworking, persistent and diligent workers who are actively engaged in bestowing upon all of you, (total strangers) the life skills you should have learned by the age of 8. Critical thought is a criterion of survival. Without it, we as a Nation would devolve into a morbidly obese, blind faithed, outspokenly ignorant, pharmacuetical addicted, manipulated and fleeced consumer caste whom all lack the ability to accept personal blame for the repercussions of their actions…. err. Snap!

    Guess the Nigerians where “too little, too late.” Well, I guess its the thought that counts…. Anyone here ever tried either? Thinking? or counting?

    • Disgusted, frustrated and pissed says:

      You are an idiot!!!!!! Take your copy and paste skills and half assed writing skills to a classroom that improves the understanding of people! Especially those that have been taken by theives, crooks and slime ball Nigerians. Or any other slob who is to lazy to get a real job so they prey on those that haven’t yet been ruined by the cold, heartless bastards of the world! You on the other hand must have been living on the streets of Nigeria to claim to have such valid “streetsmarts” so you would NEVER be taken advantage of. The purpose of this was to enlighten others NOT be scolded by a cold heart! OR maybe You are one of the scammers….hope so, now the FBI has your link!

  34. Jonathan From Canada says:

    Hey folks, i never believed any of this at first until today was the day i got money orders. I was applying for a job on when this person intrigued me that i would somewhat represent this company for IBM COLES PL. i have no idea what it was, he told me he was some kind of manager, managers usually dont have a problem spelling, your position is credited, it so stupid on how they think were going to follow, through i have no money to begin with, and iam applying fo a job and all of sudden iam suppose to wire this money back, assistant or not, they would be fired if they made that kind of mistake, 20 years old and i though wow money its going to change my life, if ive cashed that i would probably end up in jail Canada is a little different. Wow seriously its unbelievable how iam poor broke and all of sudden i would of sent maybe a bag of monopoly money. i wish they invented Virtual Punches cause we all need one, the email is hos name is Davies drigg, a envelope from west africa , and money orders from Toronto . its shameful for what people think they can do.

  35. Don, the unemployed says:

    thanks for posting these stories. I have three money orders in my procession from a Norwegian Fraternal Organization (Smoley King the name), I am instructed as per most of your instructions to send them to an orphanage in London (Michael Brown, the name). My correspondent is named Daniel Cooper, I see him online via gmail chat sometimes, which is about as personal as I can imagine getting with him. Next time I will say hello.


  36. Ian says:

    Same thing just happened to me, twice.
    I posted some items for sale on Kijiji, totalling $400, I got a money order for $850, the guy (with horrible grammar), asked to send the difference to another person, and that his “assistant” would pick up the items. I called the United States Post Office to get the money order verified, and sure enough, they could find it in their data base. So I emailed the guy and told him that it looked suspicious. He sounded upset, so I decided to give him another chance, and told him to send me the exact amount this time. I just received a cheque for $3000, with more complicated instructions on what to do with the remaining money. I’ve wasted a whole month with this guy, I’ve been telling other interested people to wait because I was waiting on a cheque, and I was in a tight situation so I needed the money really bad. I put my electric guitar up for sale, I’ve been playing for 15 years and it breaks my heart, but I almost got screwed of a lot of money. Please be careful with these scams. Interested people should meet you, bring the cash up front, and pick up the stuff themselves.

  37. Ian says:

    Ok, I just went through all the comments on this page, and I have a few things to say to everyone. To the people who say “how can anyone be so dumb and get caught in this?”: please be understanding, and stop thinking you’re smarter than everybody else since you didn’t get caught. Everyone can get fooled, I’m sure you could fool Einstein if he were still alive. You should show a bit of empathy for those who got ruined because of scammers, and why don’t you post some useful information instead of insulting them.

    Now, to the people who actually cashed the cheques and got penalized because they bounced, let me give you my advice: I worked for RBC, #1 financial institution in Canada, for 10 months, it may not be a lot, but when you talk to hundreds of people a week, you get plenty of experience in the financial field. Apparently, if you cash a cheque, depending on your release amount (the amount you can withdraw right away after you make any deposits), the ATM WILL LET YOU take the money out, even though the cheque won’t be verified (by a human) on the next business morning. Also, cheques can bounce up to 6 months later. I had a gentlemen who had had a cheque bounce from his account 3 months after he had deposited it, how that’s a surprise. He had no idea why that amount was taken back out of his account, and he didn’t remember depositing something 3 months prior, so you can imagine how frustrated he was.

    But, it is your right to have the funds verified on a cheque. The bank can call the financial institution of the cheque you received, and confirm if the funds are available in the account before you cash it. As for money orders, there are verification lines where you can call, and plenty of security features on the money order itself which indicate if it’s a real one or not. DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO VERIFY THE FUNDS IF YOU RECEIVE NON-CASH ITEMS (CHEQUES & MONEY ORDERS) FROM STRANGERS.

    I know you will think “times are hard, I need the money, I’ll cash in the cheque and play dumb”, but the banks will find a way to blame you and you’ll be in a worse situation than you were in before cashing the cheque. Trust me, I talked to all sorts of people who tried to get away by playing dumb, but bank regulations and agreement to service will have the upper hand EVERY time, don’t risk it, it’s not worth the trouble.

    Deal localy, it’s much easier.

  38. Aron says:

    just recieved a money order from CIBC for $3000.00, i was asking $400.00. So i started emailing them to see what was up, good thing i surfed the internet, they almost had me.

  39. Aron says:

    The guys name is James Moganand the shippers were Mark Railegh and roland mrd,

  40. dave tripp says:

    i was a victim of a scam just like the ones above i was selling some birds on kijji and he sent me extra money to ship them to france. his name is judge mansion the shipping company roland at mrdshipping. The bank cashed the money order after i asked the clerk if it was ok and she said yes and cashed it. i didn’t know as i never had a money order before.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Do NOT wire the money!!! The checks will bounce and your bank will want the money back and they WILL hold you responsible for it.

  42. Disgusted, frustrated and pissed says:

    Do NOT wire the money!!! The checks will bounce and your bank will want the money back and they WILL hold you responsible for it.

  43. Anonymous says:

    This just happened to me a few days ago.. selling a phone on kijiji.

    The guys name was Kennenth Park and his shipper was M Roland.

    Here are some of his emails to me: “Hello………How are you with your family , i just want you to know
    that your payment is around your corner for delivery any time from now
    as soon as you received the payment in the mail kindly contact my
    shipping agent company for the pick-up and contact me too , so that we
    can process the pick-up without any delay

    and i just want you to know that you will received shipping agent
    letter instruction with the payment that you will received i will want
    you to read the letter carefully and follow what the shipping agent
    write on the letter so that this transaction can be complete with out
    any further delay…….OK

    Kindly get back to me so that i can know that you received my message………!

    Best Regard.”

    “Hello Seller………….!Thanks for the prompt reply i am pleased with your last asking price of {$400} What is the present condition Why do put it for sale When Was it used last Payment would be Canadian Money order sent to you which i found Easy,Well recognized,which is guaranteed and can easily be cashed immediately. I will be responsible for handling the pick up and shipping arrangement,I have a private shipping agent who will come over for the pick up,In such a way that everything would be packed,arranged and have them shipped down. They will also be collecting and signing all papers regarding purchase and ownership of the Item on my behalf.I am rest assured that they will handle everything well.

    And i will want you to know that i will be paying you through Canadian money order and i will be needing your mailing information so that i can mail the Canadian money order to you with no delay.And no pick up will be made until the Canadian money order is received and cashed by you .kindly get back to me with your payment details


    Once the data are provided to me,i can send payment immediately.I will be expecting your reply asap. Kindly reply back with the requested question so as to proceed to payment

    Thanks And God Bless.

    Best Regard. ”

    “Hello……..How was your weekend, i just want to inform you and let you know that your payment as been mailed out and you will received the payment in the mail for this new week, so as soon as you received the payment kindly let me know ….and also i just want you to know that i include some letter instruction with the payment that you will received read the payment carefully so that this transaction can done with out any delay.

    Thank you”

    “Hello……Thank you for this email and i will want you to make sure you send the remainder balance to my shipper Mike Roland today first thing in the morning via western union and get back to me with the western union info such as :

    Amount sent after western Union Charges:

    Western Union {MTCN} 10 Digits Control Number:

    Sender name and Receivers name:

    Pick-up address:”

  44. Matt Dillon says:

    My wife was selling her wedding dress online, and we almost fell for this scheme. Until something was very Odd about the way these scammers were urging and pushing my wife to deposit the checks asap. Most people wouldn’t be so adamant about depositing their own money immediately. I also found it weird that this so called mrdshipping company wasn’t reputable or could not be found anywhere. I am so glad I did research and found this place.

  45. Carol says:

    My son was ALMOST taken by this guy. Good thing mom did the homework, checked it out, and saved my 17 year old a LOT of grief! Thanks for the warnings, and the information!
    Carol H.

  46. Anna says:

    I am very happy that I found this information before I got scammed! I am also selling my wedding dress on
    The first weird reply I got was from a guy, who wanted me to ship the dress to his son in Nigeria and he will give me extra $100 for shipping and he will pay me through Pay Pal. At that time, I actually created a PayPal account for that, and even checked the prices for shipping stuff to Nigeria, and just the shipping was almost $1,500. So I told this guy (his name was Mark Kent) that the shipping is definately not $100. So I asked him, why doesn’t he just come and pick up the dress himself. He said he is on some business trip and he can’t pick it, and then he sent me the following e-mail:
    “well ok i have one of my agent in united state but i will send youextra money but i wont you to help me send the extra money to my agentso he can come for the pickup i should have do that but am busy wherei am now and i have my only money in my payapl account so i will sendyou extra 400usd so you will help me send to my agent in usa throughwestern union or money gram pls bear with me thanks and God bless you”

    Pretty pathetic but he was saying God Bless at the end of each email. So then I told him that it’s too much for me and I canceled the deal.

    Not even a month later I get another completely different email from another person:peter denis (
    Who said he will send a payment to me and then will arrange the pick up. I was happy again, that I will finally sell my dress and get some extra cash.
    So, yesterday I have receieved a CIBC Money Order cheque for $3,000 from France (even though the price I was asking for was $700), and a special instruction letter to send the rest of the money through Western Union to France, Paris to some Mike Roland with email or

    My husband believes in everything and I almost listened to him to go ahead and do what I was told…..good thing I din’t. I hope my email helps someone else and I hope karma comes after those scammers!

  47. Anonymous 2 says:

    Just happened to me today! Thanks to your webpage, I will tell this Kennenth Park to take a hike. For the record, I am selling windows on Here’s the message he sent me today:


    “Hello Seller………….!Thanks for the prompt reply i am pleased with your last asking price of {$1500} What is the present condition Why do put it for sale When Was it used last Payment would be Canadian Money order sent to you which i found Easy,Well recognized,which is guaranteed and can easily be cashed immediately. I will be responsible for handling the pick up and shipping arrangement,I have a private shipping agent who will come over for the pick up,In such a way that everything would be packed,arranged and have them shipped down. They will also be collecting and signing all papers regarding purchase and ownership of the Item on my behalf.I am rest assured that they will handle everything well.

    And i will want you to know that i will be paying you through Canadian money order and i will be needing your mailing information so that i can mail the Canadian money order to you with no delay.And no pick up will be made until the Canadian money order is received and cashed by you .kindly get back to me with your payment details


    Once the data are provided to me,i can send payment immediately.I will be expecting your reply asap. Kindly reply back with the requested question so as to proceed to payment

    Thanks And God Bless.


    As you can see, it’s the same message as Anonymous – May 26, 2010 at 9:48 pm

  48. Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

  49. cynthia says:

    There’s also the scam on people looking for jobs, this one came through as “virtual Assistant” working for a so called interior designer, by the name of Allen Smoley. He has you re-shipping merchandise (probably from stolen cc)and then he tells you that he has “over paid” you by error and keep an extra $100 for the trouble and send him and he wants you to help him with banking. All BS!

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  51. New Scam: re kijiji / craigslist,

    Posted a new laptop for 40 bucks lower than new, received text message from a New York area code, I live in Calgary (Alberta Canada), same bit almost word for word, broken english, area code is 646. withing 5 minutes I had received 16 text message from the same area code different numbers same messages. hmmmm.

    I responded the yes its still available but I will only accept interac e-transfer (real money instant) or cash, and if its e-transfer then the price is doubled =).

    no more messages have been sent, I figure it must be one person because after I sent the last message all the others stopped.

    Be very careful and always deal locally and in person!

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  55. Robert says:

    I just received a letter regarding a posting for an item for sale on Craigslist as follows

    “Thanks for the response according to the description, I’m okay with
    the price and the condition pasted on Craigslist. I’m ready to make
    instant purchase. My mode of payment would be in certified cashiers
    check drawn from a local Bank of America where i will arrange for
    local pick up as soon as you get the payment, because that is the only
    convenient means for me and i promise everything will go smoothly. I
    really wish to be there to see the item but i don’t have chance cause
    I’m a very busy person. Concerning the pick up, I will arrange for it
    after you receive the payment and it clears. Please get back to me
    with below information so that i can proceed with the payment
    immediately if you are selling to me.

    Address (Not PO box):
    Postal Code:
    Phone Number:
    Total amount for the item

    And as soon as this is provided, the payment will be overnight to you
    and i will let you know when its mailed out. Thanks and i hope we
    handle this in good faith while waiting to hear from you.


    Not the first scam offer I received on this item, it was the third, 2 for money orders and one for paypal…..

    I accessed an account that I never use and set up years ago on yahoo…. I set this person, Williams Erick at the following from that account.

    “Still awaiting payment for item, as I have sent you all the information I expected payment from you a week ago…… are you still interested in the item, and if so why have you not sent payment

    looking forward to hearing from you”

    Wondering how he is going to handle that one?

    • Adam says:

      I just got this same email from “Christ Fred” for some craigslist items. The same email address even, luckily I googled the email address and found this site. Thanks for posting this comment. It sure saved me some time.

      Also from

      Thanks for the response according to the description, I’m okay with
      the price and the condition pasted on Craigslist. I’m ready to make
      instant purchase. My mode of payment would be in certified cashiers
      check drawn from a local Bank of America where i will arrange for
      local pick up as soon as you get the payment, because that is the only
      convenient means for me and i promise everything will go smoothly. I
      really wish to be there to see the item but i don’t have chance cause
      I’m a very busy person. Concerning the pick up, I will arrange for it
      after you receive the payment and it clears. Please get back to me
      with below information so that i can proceed with the payment
      immediately if you are selling to me.

      Address (Not PO box):
      Postal Code:
      Phone Number:
      Total amount for the item

      And as soon as this is provided, the payment will be overnight to you
      and i will let you know when its mailed out. Thanks and i hope we
      handle this in good faith while waiting to hear from you.


      5061 Stonewood Pines Dr.
      Knightdale, NC 27545

  56. Anonymous says:

    Initial email:

    Thanks for the response to my introductory email..I am pretty cool with the price and condition,i am buying it for my cousin but my mode of payment will be the Most acceptable,safer and reliable means of payment which is United State Certified Money Order or cashier check…..Also,i am going to add $20 to the price for you to withdraw the advert from site.Please do get back to me with your

    Names –
    Address –
    State –
    City –
    Postal Code –

    so that payment can be sent to you as early as possible and i will have my shipper come to pick up the item once you receive and clear the payment OK.


    The person used this email address:


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